Crews of yachts and motor boats are entitled to use the port and marina after paying the applicable price list. The price list is available in the office of the Imperial Harbor or on the website www.przystancesarska.pl.


The parking position of the vessel depends on its draft and length. While mooring the vessel, follow the instructions of the Imperial Harbor service.


All formalities related to the yacht's stay in port should be settled immediately after mooring at the Imperial Harbor office. Subscription fees should be paid in advance on the day the contract is concluded (unless the contract provides otherwise).


If you do not pay in advance, arrears or do not complete the formalities (more than one month) set out in these regulations, you are no longer entitled to the discounts provided for in the price list.


A vessel which fails to pay the fee or refuses to submit or sign the relevant documents will be obliged by the port employees and, if necessary with the assistance of the police, to immediately leave the port with a prohibition on returning. In the event of arrears with respect to the Imperial Harbor, legal steps will be taken to enforce the claims. In this situation, apart from going to court, the owner of Harbour reserves the right to submit an application for entry in the register of debtors of the National Court Register.


Swimming in the marina is prohibited.


Unauthorized access to the floating platform is prohibited.


Fishing is prohibited in the marina basin.


It is forbidden to leave children without adult supervision.


Passenger vehicles of the mooring crews may enter and leave the passenger area.

10 a).

During events organized at the marina, the right of entry and parking of vehicles may be restricted.


Persons staying in the port area should follow the instructions issued by port employees, aimed at preventing dangers on the property left behind and threatening the life and health of people staying in its area.


For the damage to the port equipment or environmental pollution, the crew of the watercraft is responsible according to the loss assessment protocol. In the event of failure to comply with formalities or payment of residence fees, the unit shall be detained for clarification by the services appointed to do so.


At the call of the harbor bosun, each unit is required to reach the designated place, and the unit's captain is required to provide the unit's documents.


It is forbidden to carry out any on-board work that may pollute the environment and create dangerous situations for other yachts and the port.


Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the port area.


Yacht crews should comply with fire safety regulations.


Anyone who wants to use external services (provided by an entity outside the port) in the port area must agree this with the port's administration in advance.


Vessels and individuals not complying with the above arrangements are not allowed to use any services provided by the port.

To the above recommendations international regulations on the prevention of pollution at sea apply MARPOL CONVENTION 73/78, HELSINKI 74 CONVENTION and port regulations based on art. 48 of March 21, 1991 on maritime areas of the Republic of Poland and Maritime Administration.